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Featuring Brighton people like you! | January 24, 2020

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Seeing Brighton from a different viewpoint

Seeing Brighton from a different viewpoint
Hannah Midgley

On Tuesday the 28th of May Brighton’s Road Safety team, Sussex Fire and Rescue team and Brighton & Hove Bus Company are coming together to host an event for the councils ‘Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility’ campaign.

The campaign aims to reduce the risk of collisions on the city’s roads by raising awareness for different road users – whether that be bus, bike or car – and to encourage people to share the road space fairly and encourage mutual respect.

Cyclists and bus drivers have completely different perspectives on the road, which causes far too many dangerous collisions. Bus drivers have a lot to deal with, CCTV, other cars, passengers and sticking to a tight schedule.

The Exchanging Places event will offer a chance to find out exactly what bus drivers can and cannot when they are driving through the city centre. It will show the extent to which wearing high-visibility gear can make a big difference to cyclists.

Members of the public will be encouraged to climb into the bus drivers place to experience blind spots and get a view from the bus cab as a cyclist rides past. Cyclists will also have the chance to get hi-viz gear and advice on how to be seen by drivers.

The event will be held at Old Steine from 10 am until 2 pm on Tuesday 28 May. 

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