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Featuring Brighton people like you! | January 24, 2020

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Learn the Charleston at Classes Across Brighton!

Learn the Charleston at Classes Across Brighton!
Hannah Midgley

MyCharleston are an organisation that run adult Charlston dance workshops and classes open to everyone. Beginners are more than welcome; the only requirement is an enthusiasm for dance! 6 weekly courses and more regular workshops take place in various venues in Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Portslade and Worthing. Before long you’ll be flicking your heels, tapping your feet and loving every second!

The classes are all available to all ages and skill levels. Be prepared for an energetic atmosphere full of humor and fun. The swinging music makes it a great social events, so come along if you fancy making some new friends. It would be hard to leave this lively dance class without a smile on your face!

The main message of the organisers is to have a go! If you’ve ever wanted to try dancing, now is your chance! MyCharleston devise brand new routines, warm ups and Charleston exercises so there is plenty of material to learn.

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The Charleston dance is named after Charleston city, South Carolina. The rhythm was popularized by a specific tune called “The Charleston”, that became famous in 1923, and brought the dance into the mainstream dance scene. The popular American tune was written James P. Johnson, and originated from the Broadway show Runnin’ Wild. It became one of the hits of the decade. The most popular year for the Charleston as a public dance 1926.

Today Charleston vital to Lindy Hop dance culture, and is danced solo, with a partner or in a group. The basic step permits a huge range of improvisations and variations. The Charleston style remains popular today, the dance’s simplicity makes it easy to concentrate on styling and musicality, making it a great one to learn as a dancing novice.

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List of Workshops: 


  • Marina Studios, Brighton


  • Open Space Studios, Hove
  • Improvers/intermediate level – Open Space Studios, Hove
  • Westgate Chapel, Lewes


  • Dance Station, Portslade
  • The Factory, Archway, London
  • DanceHouse Studios, Worthing
  • Canoe Leisure Lake, Portsmouth


  • Wendy Whatling School of Dance, Brighton
  • 4 Jan – 8 Feb, 10-11am

You can find your nearest class here, or email

MyCharleston also provide hen party packages, live performances and film editing services.

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